November 9 (9:30 AM), 2013, Budapest



Our goal is:

- to represent the teaching of the Bible, Christian morality and values, in a way it is understandable for the people of the twenty-first century; - to help people who have damaged values, who are in spiritual crisis and who are struggling because of the difficult social background; - to help and show the way to deviant young people; children who didn’t have the opportunity to grow up in a healthy family; - to give practical help and show the way out from spiritual damages, the bondages of alcoholism, drugs and deviant behavior.

How do we achieve our goals?

In order to reach our goals we don’t only focus on our group of targets (from young to old and all levels of society), but we train and develop our colleagues, volunteers, supporters, collaborators. It is important for us that the people who take part in our programs would provide conscientious and quality work. Our foundation is working on 10-12 long-term projects presently.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”

We organize seminars for leaders regularly. The trainings are held by well-known national and international speakers, leaders (Kevin G. Conner, David Garcia, Peter Wenz, Michael Magyar). We feel the importance of training leaders as we recognized that people can usually go only as far as their leaders.


The focus of our trainings is to go back to the Word of God in all ministries. The work of church leaders are often motivated by the established practice, denominational expectations, to please to people or benevolent humane ideas. We need to reconsider our ministry so that it would not be led by dead acts. When creating our curriculum, it was important to review the Bible regarding ministry fields and persons doing that.

“Business as a ministry”

We join Christian business people from different denominations and organize seminars, meetings and receptions for them. People can listen to teachings, based on strong Biblical foundation and which they can use in business life. As a result of these meetings people experience successes and financial blessings in their businesses. These seminars also give excellent opportunity to develop business relationships. Our speakers are coming from Germany and Australia besides Hungary.

Drug prevention and rehabilitation program

Mental health services, drug prevention and rehabilitation at rock festivals nationally and beyond the borders. Our goal is to talk through questions with young people — related to their problems —, and to help them by showing the way and encourage them. In the last eight years we have gone to many rock festivals (Wanted, Volt, Hegyalja, in Hungary and Zenta, SCG; Arena, UA, at abroad) because thousands of young people participate them. We have recognized that those young people are in value- and moral crises.

Because of the personal relationships we could create with those young people in that couple of days, many of them stopped using drugs and their lives have recovered since. They got married and have children now. (According to the feedbacks, in those eight years as a result of personal conversations with 5000 young people; hundreds of them have stopped using drugs and found jobs or built up a business.)

We hold sessions about the following topics:

+ drug prevention
+ deviant behavior
+ esotericism and occultism
+ biblical faith and religiosity
+ last days, “apocalyptic mood”
+ spiritual illnesses and healing from them (panic, fear, depression, anxiety)
+ death, life after death, reincarnation
+ creation versus evolution

We promote these topics through the “Lessons in the light of the truth” CD series.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the following e-mail address if you have any further questions or concerns.


From German support we have been sharing second-hand clothes, toys and technical items to needy people and large families for almost 15 years now. We have been able to help to some thousands of families with almost 500 tons of clothes.

„Helping people is more important than making them happy”