November 9 (9:30 AM), 2013, Budapest



Dear Enquirers, Dear Brothers,

I believe we were born with leadership skills and when we teach leadership, we nurture these seeds to grow into mature trees. People gain experiences throughout the years and those who are wise will be glad to take them. I believe everything depends on leadership. I have read many books on biblical leadership and teamwork in the last 15 years, but none of the authors was affecting my life, work and ministry as much as John C. Maxwell did. It is a great privilege he accepted our invitation and he is going to speak on November 9, 2013 to the Hungarian and international church- and business leaders about the Plus we need for being successful in our work, ministry and building relationships. As John C. Maxwell’s ministry is two-way – one way he focuses on Christian leaders and business people, the other way he motivates and helps secular decision-makers to have their life as the best reference for themselves –; we decided with our colleagues to respect that. Therefore, we organize two conferences; in the morning we welcome Christian people, and for the afternoon we invite business people and entrepreneurs who want to get ahead in their jobs and personal and community lives.

On behalf of the organizers,
Imre Süveges
Chairman, Frontline Foundation

Senior Pastor, Omega Network

"We live in an age where we cannot afford to just flow with the happenings around us. We need to consciously lead our lives and many have to be leaders in their families, jobs to not to let things slip apart. As Christian people we are, at the same time, people who are led. We are led on the narrow path by the Word and the Holy Spirit of the resurrected Christ, and through Him we are able to become leaders who can lead the people He entrusted us with, towards the Kingdom of God here in our everyday life too.”

József Steinbach
Bishop, Danubian Reformed Church District

Chairman, MEÖT

„God’s Word says that everyone should minister with the gift given to them in the Body of Christ (1Pet.4:10). God has blessed Dr. John C. Maxwell with teaching and leadership gifts abundantly, and called him to transfer the treasures accumulated in his life, through his teachings and books to those who will not only use the knowledge in their lives and ministries but they themselves will pass on to others (2Tim.2:2). As a talented musician needs further learning and hours of practice to be able to worship God in a more satisfying way, so those who are called to be leaders. They can become the most effective and blessings to others if they ceaselessly develop their God-given gifts through authentic teachings. Dr. John c. Maxwell books on leadership can provide indispensable help to everyone.”

Gábor Vincze
Senior Pastor, Living Word Church

"For years I have been watching for new books of John C. Maxwell, published for the Hungarian book market. Praise God, new books are always coming out! After the books are published, soon be on my bookshelf, and after reading them once, will be ready for using when preparing for speaking or be there for guidance in a difficult leadership situation. I like his style, as he speaks about important things an easy, understandable way, illustrating his essence with many stories. Just as I do with the new books, I also grabbed the news: Maxwell is teaching in Hungary about leadership! I am pleased to recommend the participation for all Christian leaders!”

Albert Pataky
Chairman, Hungarian Pentecostal Church
Association of Evangelical Free Churches

“It is not easy to answer the question of which are the main features of Christian leadership. But it is always worth to look up to Christ to see how he dealt with the question and how he would behave today. It is interesting that the Book of Revelation describes Jesus as the Lamb of God but at the same time the Lion of Judah. This might seem to be a contradiction but actually describes Jesus point of view on leadership. The lamb symbolizes the humbleness, undertaking of suffering, sacrificing his life, the purity and goodwill. The lion in turn reflects authority, conquest, righteousness and royalty. Christian leadership is serving. To follow the model of Jesus is to serve others and to pay the price to set others free to fill their real callings. We need to follow this model to be able to be effective Christian leaders!"

János Rátkay
National Director, Alpha Hungary

Partner, xpand Hungary Ltd.

"The success of life is depending a lot on whom we listen to. One good advice can have a positive effect on our entire life. John Maxwell is a speaker whose good advices can be foundational in our lives. Because, besides he has excellent theoretical and practical knowledge on leadership, his life is led by Christ who makes him fruitful."

Sándor Szenczy
Chairman, Baptist Charity Foundation

"Dear Friend,

I suggest you to not to make any other program on November 9. Be there at Hungexpo „A” pavilion. Be part of a once in a lifetime opportunity and meet the most excellent leadership trainer of the World. If you are interested in how John C. Maxwell thinks, who speaks regularly to Fortune 500 – the greatest companies of the World – leaders, who is called to be the number one leadership Guru of the World. The United Nations’ ambassadors, great organizations’ leaders, military and ecclesiastical leaders listen to his advices, teachings on the tricks of leadership. It’s a rare opportunity and it would be a mistake – a sin indeed – to miss it!

The real quality in learning, when we enrich our knowledge, is to learn from the best. It is an excellent opportunity to get an insight into the thinking of successful people, to learn from someone who is unique and a true role model. Do not forget: wise man learns a lot from his own experiences, but builds up his carrier learning from others experiences. Here you will have opportunity to gain faith, braveness and confident knowledge for future success, together with many! It is the best way to excellence!"

Emil Tonk
The „Dr. How”

„Helping people is more important than making them happy”